Our mission is to find loving, life-long homes for displaced Labrador Retrievers. Here are some stories of recently adopted dogs and how they are settling in with their new forever families!

Cooper’s Story
Cooper, age 1.5 was left with a grandparent when his owner had to move out of state.

Sampson & Munson’s Story
Sampson and Munson had a rough start to their young lives. They were abandoned and afraid.

Kerry’s Story
We heard from DLRR alumni Kerry (now Andy’s) forever family. They said that this sweet boy is loved…

Reah’s Story
Reah, age 8, was a puppy mill dog and abandoned in Nogales once she was no longer profitable…

Raider’s Story
Hi there! My name is Flynn, formerly known as Raider. I am a happy-go-lucky pup…

Bode’s Story
Bode was picked up as an owner turn in because the dad had some serious health issues….

Bones’ Story
Ironically named Bones, this cuddly Huggalug Chunkabutt went from the horrid heat…

Norville’s Story
Norville, a 2 year old lab mix, was found with a collar embedded into his neck. This is how he was saved.

Buddy’s Story
Buddy was born on August 12, 2017 and is a registered purebred Chocolate Lab.

Harley’s Story
Harley was only 3 months old when her owner found her & took her home. They had eight years..

Brian’s Story
This handsome boy sure hit the jackpot! Here’s what they had to say: Miller (formerly Brian)…

Louise’s Story
Hello, my name is Louise, but my forever mama calls me Weezie. I think that fits me really well.

Scooby’s Story
When Scooby arrived at his first foster home, he was extremely fearful of almost everything….

Goldie’s Story
Goldie came to DLRR after being surrendered from her third home in less than a year…

Odie’s Story
Weeks of scavenging for food took its toll on poor Odie’s nostrils. The cartilage and bony septum …