Ode’s Story

It was around Christmas time in 2018, ten-year-old Odie (4) was part of a family living in the Flagstaff area. The beautiful time of year suddenly became a nightmare when their home caught fire. The family escaped and with the chaos of it all, Odie must have run into the forest. In the days following the fire, neighbors said the family looked for Odie but could not find him. The family eventually left the area, moving to a new location with no forwarding information. Many weeks later, neighbors found Odie back at the burnt-out home living in what was left of the shed, rummaging through the rubble to find food. He was scared and confused and would run every time people would try to comfort him. He became thin and weak, scrounging for whatever food he could find in the dead of winter in northern Arizona.

Weeks of scavenging for food took its toll on poor Odie’s nostrils. The cartilage and bony septum were destroyed. His skin and hair deteriorated. After many long, difficult weeks, rescuers were finally able to befriend Odie and took him to the vet. Odie needed surgery on his nose to remove debris that had gotten stuck. His skin issue was treated and he began to gain weight with regular meals. As Odie healed his rescuers learned that he was the sweetest senior dog ever.
All he needed was a quiet home, soft bed, lot of snuggle time, food and most of all love, and he was content. He loves a good walk as long as his arthritis isn’t bothering him.

Odie found the perfect home which suits him. He has other senior furry siblings and a mom who loves him despite his funny looking nose. He now has everything that makes him happy.