Bones’ Story

Ironically named Bones, this cuddly Huggalug Chunkabutt went from the horrid heat of a Tucson summer so that he could start his exercise program with his foster family in the cool pines of Flagstaff. Weighing in at a mighty 130 Ibs., this Cutie with a Booty needed to get moving, but had no experience of activity in all his 8 years. From profusely panting his way to the end of the street and attempting to slip his collar with desperately pleading looks, this Mutt with a Butt started to excitedly pull at the leash, delighted to shake his Poochy Plump Posterior through off-leash trails in the woods. WunderBum Bones began to love a hefty run and successfully shed over 35 Ibs.! On average he lost 3.3 Ibs. of Lab Flab a week by sticking to a strict prescription diet. As challenging as it is for Hounds to lose Pounds, this pup deserved a medal. Not only was he a great walking buddy, Bones had the sweetest personality. He had a particular happy dance when scratched on his Doggy Derriere and he still loved squeaky toys.

Mellow Boy Bones found the perfect home to land his Cushy Tushy in North Scottsdale with a lovely fire Captain, his wife, daughter and fuzzy lab mix sister, where he is showered with love and attention, and surrounds himself with a multitude of squeaky toys. His new forever family has been part of the DLRR family for over a decade.  They recently gave us this update:

Since settling in with us, Bones, now Bo, has lost an additional 11 lbs. He loves his walks and really loves all of the snuggles and attention he receives all day long.  3 year old Khloe keeps Bo active with tug of war, chasing and some playful wrestling. While Bo has taken to all of us, he is especially in love with Mommy Lynn.  He follows her everywhere she goes and lays on her legs in bed. Bo is a svelte, healthy, black lab, almost unrecognizable from the rotund roly poly pooch he once was. Thank you Foster Mom Siobhan and DLRR for yet another great match up.  We just love our BoBo!!!!