Scooby’s Story

DLRR is elated to share another story with a happy ending for a super Black Lab named Scooby.

When Scooby arrived at his first foster home, he was extremely fearful of almost everything, including people, objects, noises, and even shadows. In 2018, before being adopted to his previous home, Scooby spent four months in a shelter. He may have come to the shelter from an abusive home. Unfortunately, no one wanted to take a chance on what appeared to be a fearful and unfriendly dog. Finally, a sympathetic family adopted him and for the next 15 months Scooby made progress. But ultimately, he was surrendered to DLRR. The stress he felt during the family’s home remodel was causing him to mark inside their house and though the family tried everything to get it to stop, it continued. Perhaps it was difficult for Scooby to cope with the noise and constant stream of male strangers coming into the home. DLRR was able to place him in a quiet foster home with no other pets, and two adults who were home most of the time, and he stopped marking. He was still fearful, but the fosters celebrated little successes every day as they saw him improve. At first, he wouldn’t go into any bedrooms or walk down any hallways in the house—perhaps feeling too closed in.

However, after a while, Scooby started sleeping in the fosters’ bedroom. They worked on desensitizing him to new objects in their hands and loud noises. They remarked he was a joy to have around! It was especially fun to watch him leap like a deer after a toy in the backyard. When the fosters were dog sitting for a friend’s dog, they realized that Scooby really benefitted from having a canine friend around, so his fosters looked for a quiet adoptive home with a good canine buddy. The PERFECT home was found in Flagstaff! Scooby (now renamed Truman) spends his days playing with his canine buddy, Mason, and enjoying lots of loving from his retired female adopter. He couldn’t be happier! Here are some comments from Truman’s adopter.

Truman is settling in really well. He’s a breeze on walks, and is much more social, though he needs a bit more time with new people. He and Mason are best buds and love to go to the forest to run around. He loves squeaky toys. He never needed the crate I ordered for him, has his favorite dog bed in my bedroom and sleeps on it there. He’s very affectionate and loves to get on my lap to give loads of kisses. He’s healthy and sweet and I feel like I hit the jackpot by getting to adopt him. Thank you DLRR!