Bode’s Story

Bode was picked up as an owner turn in. I went to the couple’s home. The dad had some serious health issues and they knew they could not properly care for a young energetic pup. They shared their story with me through tears. Then I had tears. It is sad to take someone’s pet seeing their pain. They were concerned with DLRR finding Bode the best home. I promised them we would. They truly loved Bode. I am so happy to say Bode has won the lottery with his new family! 

Bode was placed in the loving home of a DLRR volunteer Foster.  Bode’s Foster now continues with his story:

We began to foster Bode just before the COVID-19 lock downs. He was a nervous little guy and woke us up every couple of hours the first three nights.

Me: Bode. Go to bed!
Bode: I can’t. This is a new house and I’m anxious.
Me: I can’t wait to send you to your forever home.
Bode: Ditto!

I called to have Bode moved to a different foster because it felt like we had a newborn. I was exhausted. I was preparing to take him to The Furshire boarding when my wife stepped in.

Me: He’s gone. I can’t go another night.
Wife: Ok. Does he have a foster?
Me: Nope. He is going to the kennel.
Wife: No! I’ll get up with him tonight.
Me: Fine but in two days, he’s going on the Dog-a-log.

As I prepared his bio, the stinker made a strategic move. He went upstairs with my daughter and jumped in her bed. He slept there all night. They fell in love.

Me: Don’t get attached. This is our fifth foster and you know we will find him a great home.
Daughter: But I love him.

I felt like King Tritan trying to tell Ariel she couldn’t be in love with Prince Eric. Ugh.

Then COVID hit and the quarantine started. I began to take him on long runs with me every weekend – supplemented by daily shorter ones. Before I knew it, we were running 8 miles together.

Me: Don’t get used to this. You’re still going.
Bode: I still don’t like you but the runs are fun.
Me: I’m serious.
Bode: Stop acting tough and pet me.
Me: Fine.

Then my wife started calling Bode by a new name – Brodie. Ugh. I saw the signs he was staying but refused to accept them.

Me: We started fostering so we wouldn’t get a dog!
Wife: You’ve tried to keep all our fosters.
Me: All of them except him.
Wife: Get over it and fill out the adoption paperwork already.
Me: Fine.

I’m working from home and Brodie is a good little co-worker. We go for our run, start my day, and he naps. He’s part of the family, great with the kids, and understands the importance of a good night of sleep.

He’s a happy man and I’m (begrudgingly) thankful for DLRR for helping him find his forever home right here in bed next to me.