Harley’s Story

Harley was only three months old when her young owner found her and took her home. They had eight years of fun, wonderful companionship, and doing everything together. They were best friends. But then in August 2019 when Harley was eight years old, her young man felt a calling to join the Army.  As difficult as it was, he knew that it would be unfair and challenging to drag Harley all over the country and world. The young man’s parents agreed to take Harley into their home for the rest of her life. The parents were committed to her and loved her; however, they have toddler grandchildren coming and going, playing, running and screaming.  This was not a comfortable situation for Harley, who displayed her dislike several times. No serious incidents, but they felt Harley should have a new life better suited to her needs in her senior years. This DLRR volunteer will not soon forget meeting the parents for Harley’s surrender, and while they knew it was the right thing to do, they were grieving. As adults we choke back tears and hide them, but we all know they are there. The parents took comfort knowing that DLRR would find her a great family to spend her senior years and DLRR has lived up to that commitment.

Harley has found the perfect, quiet home. She lives with a 15-year-old Lab sister and is admittedly spoiled with gentle walks and cuddly times with new owners and her sister. Her new family reports that Harley is one of the sweetest, most affectionate pups they’ve ever had. They absolutely love her. It’s like she was meant to be with them, they say. “She’s also super smart and quite a bed bug.  She just made herself right at home on the bed with us, so our older dog is at my feet and Harley lays at my husband’s feet. By the morning, Harley is up near our heads in between us, giving us “the eyes” when she sees we’ve woken up.  We’ve been working remotely at home, so she frequently lays in the kitchen with me while I’m on my computer, and then periodically goes down the hall to visit my husband in his office.  On breaks and lunch, we may go in the backyard and throw around her toy, and then my husband takes her for a walk around our neighborhood. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to adopt her.” A month before they adopted Harley, their Black Lab passed away. Husband was very close to her, and her passing just broke his heart. Harley has filled that emptiness and he’s absolutely in love with her.