Goldie’s Story

Goldie came to DLRR after being surrendered from her third home in less than a year.  She was originally bought by an older couple, who became quickly overwhelmed by her puppy energy, so they rehomed her to another couple who soon realized they were no match for her energy.  So, she ended up with a young family who already had three rescue dogs and although their hearts were in the right place, they were a very busy family and Goldie spent the majority of her time in a crate.  Goldie never had the training and socialization that she should have had when she was younger.  When I brought her home to foster, everything was new and scary.  She would bark at EVERYTHING and everyone and wasn’t sure if she liked Duke, her foster brother. 

But slowly Goldie started settling down and really enjoyed our walks around the neighborhood.  She got to see lots of other dogs in their yards and humans.  She would run Duke ragged!!!  He would just stand there while she ran circles around him.  She was such a kleptomaniac!!  We had to put anything that she could fit in her mouth out of reach, or it was game on!!  I didn’t feel she was ready for the Dog-a-Log until I knew what kind of a home would be best for her.  The weekend she did go into the Dog-a-Log, I got over a dozen calls and was still getting them for the next week.  We have SO MANY wonderful potential adopters that it is a bit overwhelming to try to make the best decision for our dogs.  Goldie needed an experienced lab home, where she would get LOTS of exercise and the socialization and training she still needed.  Goldie ended up going to an experienced lab couple that is retired and has a huge fenced in yard and neighbors that they can walk their dogs together.  I get text messages and pictures regularly to “Momma Donna”, that’s what they call me.  It is a huge responsibility to find just the right home for our foster dogs and I honestly feel I made the best choice for Goldie, who is now Abby.