Cooper’s Story

Cooper, age 1.5 was left with a grandparent when his owner had to move out of state. “Grandma” was in her early 70’s and already had one big dog and she just couldn’t give Cooper the exercise he needed, but she loved him so much. She knew Cooper needed younger owners who could match Cooper’s active energy and provide him the play, exercise, training and control he needed. While Cooper was in a loving home with one of our Foster volunteers, Grandma continued to text us to see how he was doing. She was constantly worried if he was eating and sleeping okay and if he had his toys to play with. She would text several times a day and want to know if he was okay and happy.

Cooper found his forever home in January. Grandma was thrilled when she found out Cooper had been adopted by a family with a doggy playmate. Cooper’s new owners tell us he is doing fantastic and they just adore him. Cooper is thrilled with his new home and all the good dog toys. We try to keep the former owners updated as much as possible. It really helps them to know they made the right decision during a difficult situation in surrendering their Lab to us.