Raider’s Story

Hi there! My name is Flynn, formerly known as Raider. I am a happy-go-lucky pup who is almost a year and half old now. Just before my first birthday, my beloved owners had to make the very tough decision to give me to DLRR so I could find a new forever home. My owners loved me VERY much, as they had picked ME out of the bunch when I was just a tiny, young chap. Unfortunately, two of my humans developed severe allergies to my dander, including one of the little humans, so much so that I had to start living outside all of the time. This made all of us very sad. My beloved family did not want that for me, and our parting was very tearful. They asked DLRR to please find the best home for me — the one that I deserve. Well, you guessed it! I am in the BEST home now! Before coming to my new forever home, I used to think that dinner and walks were my favorite things ever. I have since discovered that I LOVE to play fetch at the park! I am having a great life despite the heartache in my past. I know this news would make all who love me very happy.