Spotlight Dog – Marley & Milly

Meet Marley and Milly! This sweet bonded pair are looking for a kind person or family to enjoy life in the comfort of a forever home. Their owner became disabled by a stroke and could no longer care for them. Could their forever family be you? 

Gentle giant Marley is a 6-year-old, 110-pound yellow male.  Marley’s ideal weight should be around 90 pounds, so he is on a reduced-calorie diet.  Marley’s adopter must be committed to maintaining his weight-loss goal so that he can live his ideal dog life.  Marley falls instantly in love with any human who looks his way.  We know a good boy when we see him!  Marley is a wonderful canine companion to his sister, Milly.  Marley’s owner initially adopted Milly as a puppy, believing she was a Lab mix, and when Milly did not grow into a Lab, she went and got Marley as a puppy from a Lab breeder.  Marley was turned in to DLRR after his owner suffered a debilitating stroke and could no longer care for her beloved dogs.  Foster mom believes Marley and sister Milly’s behavior in the foster home reflects how well taken care of and well loved they were in their former home.  Both have lived with a cat in their former home but have not had interaction with the cats in Foster home. 

They are both completely trustworthy in the home when the humans are out.  Marley is completely housebroken and barks rarely.  He likes to keep himself busy with a nylabone, chew toy, tennis ball, or a long nap.  Marley does enjoy an occasional dip in the pool at foster house as well.  Marley has a wonderful temperament, seemingly happy all the time.  All humans in foster family refer to Marley lovingly as “the Big Doofus.”  Foster mom would not recommend Marley going to a home with small children as his size could be overwhelming and could possibly result in a knock-over.  Marley does have some medical issues of which a potential adopter should be aware–he has arthritic hips and has a wonky gait, but when he is happy and sees a human you would never know with the way his whole body wiggles.  Because of the arthritis, he may need an anti-inflammatory or pain medication going forward.  Marley also has allergies and has been prescribed the allergy medication Apoquel.  Marley rides well in the car, but because of his hips needs assistance getting in.  Marley is looking for a person or family to give him the love that he knows he will return to them exponentially.  Foster mom believes that Marley and sister Milly are ready-made for an easy transition to a new loving home.  If you believe you would be a good lifestyle match for Marley, please contact his Foster Mom.

Milly is a petite, 45-pound 8-year-old female mix. She is all one looks for in a doggie companion.  Milly is friendly to humans and other dogs.  She is completely housebroken, walks well on leash, rides well in the car, and barks only to alert her humans.  She is completely trustworthy in the home.  Contrary to what one would expect of an 8-year-old dog, she has a nice level of energy and enjoys chasing after a frisbee and playing with dog toys, especially chew toys.  Milly occasionally “talks” to the humans in the foster home, walking up to them and uttering a single quiet “woof” when she wants attention.  When humans ask her a question, her head tilts back and forth in interest if not comprehension.  Milly takes treats so gently your hand will barely feel a whisker.  Milly has a wonderful bond with her brother, Marley.  Despite their great size difference, they are good companions for each other, but both love and crave human attention.  They are great companions for each other when the humans are not around and fantastic companions for the humans when they are home.  Of course, everyone has at least one bad habit–Milly does occasionally jump on humans who allow it, and does occasionally lift her paws to the counter (which is as high as they will go) to investigate the kitchen.  Milly and Marley are looking for a kind person or family to enjoy life. 

Please contact us if you think your lifestyle could be a match and you could be a good home for Milly and Marley.