Coco Chanel

I’m Coco Chanel, a 1.5 year old lady named after the famous and beautiful designer!  I may not be famous, but I am a looker, and at a svelte 49 lbs, I am perfect for those of you who want a bit of a smaller doggie.  I love to curl up near you, whether that is on the couch or at your feel while you work.  I just love my humans!  I already know how to “sit” and “down,” and I don’t pull much on a leash! I would love to further my obedience training because I hear training involves treats.  And I LOVE treats!  Folks say I had a litter of puppies (I can’t remember that).  Maybe I was a backyard breeder whose owner used me and discarded me without giving me many worldly experiences, because I can be a little hesitant with unfamiliar things.  But remember, if there’s a treat involved, I’m game to try anything, as long as I am with my human.  Speaking of being with my human, I get anxious when I’m left alone, so until I get more used to it, I need to be in a crate when people go out, so nothing in the house can harm me.  (haha!)   Little kids might not be good for me, but older ones would be fine.  I think I could be good at jogging and would love to try it with you if that’s your thing.  I’m ready to make myself at home with you right now as your one and only dog!   Will you take me home?