Zeus Oncology Fund™

The Zeus Oncology Fund™  (ZOF) was established in 2017 to help provide funding for care and treatment of our DLRR dogs diagnosed with cancer. The ZOF is in honor of Zeus, a DLRR alumni who was diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma. Zeus had surgery along with necessary treatment and rehabilitation, and his cancer returned less than three months later.

When funding permits, we also offer financial assistance to our DLRR alumni dogs who have been diagnosed with cancer. These special grants and gifts allow us to help our adopted Labs and their families when they need financial assistance. This assistance is available through our Income Assistance Application, which can be sent to you via email. Please email your request to melissarupoli@me.com.

It is in his honor that other DLRR dogs are granted the opportunity to have safe cancer treatment, rehabilitation, recovery, hospice care if required, and most other necessary requirements and needs as they go through their treatment process. Each unique case is reviewed carefully with the dog’s best interest during the decision process, and funding is based on approval.

To donate specifically to our Zeus Oncology Fund™ , please click the button below. Each dollar goes directly to the quality care of our cancer dogs who are under the supervision and guidance of a Board Certified Canine Oncologist.

The criteria for funding includes the following:

1) A Board Certified Canine Oncologist reviews diagnosis, treatment options, and overall health of the dog. (All areas will be considered, such as age, current health, treatment research, viability and owners commitment to treatment.)

2) A portion of financial assistance may be granted, or possibly full treatment costs covered—each case is reviewed individually. You may be required to complete and submit an Income Assistance Application (IAA). Response time is typically five business days from submittal of the IAA. There may also be a phone discussion, review of health records, reports and updates required for financial assistance. All payments are made directly to the Veterinary Practice or Oncologist responsible for your pet’s treatment.

3) Financial grants are only offered to those individuals who have limited financial funds for the treatment of their DLRR dog.

4) Contact melissarupoli@me.com to receive your Income Assistance Application.