Many of us remember skinny Norville. He came into our care in June of 2020. Norville had the embedded collar that had to be surgically removed, three BB pellets remain in him, and after healing from the trauma from his neck, he was diagnosed with Brucellosis. This bacterial infection is not curable and Norville needed to find a special home as an only dog.

Once diagnosed, Norville was in isolation for weeks at Chaparral Veterinary Center. It was looking bleak for finding him that special home. DLRR did not give up. 

Norville, now Puppy, has been in his forever home for almost 2 years and is doing great. Puppy’s Brucellosis titer was lowered and has remained stable. It is Puppy and his dad up on the mountain. They have a special and unique relationship that both are thankful to have developed. Luckily, we visit with Puppy and his dad every month or so. We are so happy for them.

Because of your support and care, Norville, who would have been put down, is now living a life loved. Thank you.

DLRR and all the Labs thank YOU for your ongoing commitment!