A Tail-Wagging Opportunity for Approved Adopters:
Introducing DLRR’s New Take Me Home (TMH) Program!

Hello Approved Adopters!

DLRR is inviting you to opt into a new program we are piloting called Take Me Home (TMH). TMH is designed to get more dogs into adoptive homes faster! Adopters who opt into this program complete a foster application and will be notified by a weekly email of dogs who need homes, and approved adopters can take home a dog they are interested in right away! We will tell you everything we know about the dog from the previous owner and our evaluation. DLRR will maintain ownership of the dog during the “try out” period while you decide if you want to adopt the dog. Participants will have a DLRR volunteer Dog Advocate assigned and they will be their contact person throughout the process.

All DLRR dogs will receive a wellness exam paid for by DLRR. This will include updating vaccines (rabies, DHPP, Bordetella), microchip and neutering or spaying, if not already done. They will also receive a SNAP test to rule out heartworm and five other vector-borne diseases. All of this will either be done at Intake or within the first two weeks. Any medical condition noted will also be treated (ear infections, allergies, etc.).

The “try out” period will generally be about two weeks depending on finalization of veterinarian needs.

At the end of the “try out” period, one of the following will take place:

  1. The dog’s adoption will be finalized with the participating adopters;
  2. The participating adopters can offer to keep the dog until the dog is adopted to a different party (DLRR would assist with this process);
  3. DLRR will place the dog in another setting.

Interested? If you would like to participate in TMH, or just want more information, please email us.

Additional information:

  • TMH Dogs will be owner turn-ins, not dogs from a shelter, and will have been evaluated by a member of the DLRR evaluation team.
  • Take Me Home participants will indicate interest by contacting the person listed for the dog they want to take in (Dog Advocate). Dogs will go to homes on a first come/first served basis, unless there are extenuating circumstances.
  • Participants may be required to take the dog to at least one DLRR approved vet appointment, possibly more as necessary. The cost of vet appointments, vaccinations, microchip and neuter/spay will be paid for by DLRR as well as any medical condition identified upon intake.
  • If spay and neuter procedure is required, recovery will be managed by the adopting family.
  • Opting in to Take Me Home does not preclude you from adopting a dog from the dog-a-log through the normal process.
  • This is a TRIAL program! DLRR reserves the right to discontinue it at any time!