Our commitment to the mission of DLRR and providing comfort and care to vulnerable Labs is as strong as ever. The health, safety, and well-being of our community of volunteers, their loved ones, our Labs, and our potential adopters are paramount. The Board of Directors has updated the following requirements based on CDC guidelines.

DLRR In-Person Activities: 

  1. Fully vaccinated volunteers can resume activities without wearing a mask or physically distancing, except where required by local businesses.
  2. If a DLRR volunteer or anyone in the volunteer’s home is feeling sick or is exhibiting any symptoms of the COVID19 virus, the volunteer should not participate in a DLRR in-person activity.

Home Visits

DLRR has resumed in-person home visits. Virtual home visits will continue to be conducted when requested.

Intake of Dogs

Intake from COVID19 homes

  1. The Board must approve intake before a dog is relinquished to DLRR from a person infected with the COVID19 virus or a household with an infected person.
  2. A DLRR volunteer will need to take the following extra precautions until further notice from the Board when
    obtaining a dog from a household with an infected person. The volunteer must do the following:
    • Do not enter the home. Have the owner bring the dog outside to the volunteer.
    • Wear a clothbased face covering and gloves.
    • Maintain social distancing as much as possible.
    • Leave the dog’s collar with the previous owner and place a new collar with DLRR tags on the dog.
  3. The dog should be bathed with antibacterial soap before going to a foster home or boarding kennel.
  4. The dog will not be eligible for adoption for seven days after the date of intake.

Showings and Adoptions

Showings and adoptions must follow the same protocol as Intakes above.

Meet and Greets

In-person Meet and Greets have resumed. Masks are optional for fully vaccinated volunteers. Volunteers will adhere to the mask requirement of the event/facility for indoor events.

Thank you all for your cooperation with these safety protocols. Questions or concerns can be sent to pres@dlrraz.org.

DLRR Board of Directors,
Dan, Vicki, Karen A., Joni, Karen B., Jane