Happy Holidays,, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Zeus, also know as Z.  I am a unbelievably handsome Black, approximately 10 year old, neutered male. I currently weigh 79 lbs.  My age is listed as approximately 10, but I look and behave a lot younger.  My previous owner had to give me up due to a family situation.  I am so happy and full of fun.   I am  so well behaved, inside and out of the house.  I am house trained, kennel and doggie door trained and ride great in cars.  My favorite place to sleep and nap, is on my dog bed  I love being outside and chasing the ball whenever I can.  I have been in the pool, although it is not a big deal to me.  I am not really a barker, but I will let you know when the door bell rings, but move back when told to. I never jump up at people and know several commands.  Being pet is one of my favorite pastimes. I get along great with other dogs and love kids!!!   

My previous owner said I had eye issues and could not see well.  When I went to my Vet wellness visit with my foster parents, it was discovered that I am seriously blind in both eyes. It seems that it is hereditary, nothing that could have been prevented.  I am given drops every day, to make me more comfortable.  

Having my eye issue has not stopped me from doing just about anything I want.  When I first got to my foster home, I bumped into things a bit, but because my other senses have  heightened, I go all around the house, the back yard and even the dog park, and love every minute of my life. I use the doggie door and love going in and out without any issues.  I love life, I love to ride in the car quietly, I love to run and come when you call, I come to you just by your voice. I am looking for a Family with love and patience, and I will give you all the love I have to offer.  We will have a a fantastic life together!!

You can watch a short video below to see just how well I get along.   

Watch me playing with my best friend Belle!  https://youtube.com/shorts/NwfQ9hVhFkU?feature=share