Hi, my name is Tomas. I am a loving black puppy with a white patch on my belly. My tail is almost as long as my body. My favorite thing to do is chase my two foster brothers in the backyard.  I also like to receive belly rubs from my foster mom and take morning walks with my foster dad. I am still a puppy so please remember I nibble and have to be reminded not to nibble too hard. I also try to sneak up on the furniture, but mommy says "Tomas please get down" and I am easily redirected. I am crate trained and I know to go in the crate at nighttime and when daddy goes to the store otherwise my foster dad is home all day and we watch tv and go outside in the backyard. My day consists of waking up at 6 am eating breakfast, watching mom get ready for work, going for a walk, coming back and chasing my brothers in the backyard, taking a nap, waking up, getting a snack and chasing my brothers in the backyard again. We wait patiently for mommy to come home and that's when we get the belly rubs and our dinner. I eat Iams puppy food twice a day and receive two bone snacks a day when I sit nicely.  

I know two commands sit and stay, and I always use the doggy door. I am not much into toys right now, but I love to chew bones. I have tried to chew mommy's slippers once or twice, but she politely takes them away from me. Her shoes don't smell too good, so I never take those. I am trainable to learn not do that as most puppies are. I am not sure if I will be good with children under the age of 6 because I have only been around one of mommy's friend's children and I am still nibbling. I am cautious when you first meet me so please be patient. I also get nervous at the vet office, but I know you can work with me to be more comfortable. If you adopt me, I promise to love you and make you laugh and smile every day. My foster mom is asking that upon adoption you agree to take me to obedience classes. She is recommending if you do adopt me please try the GOOD Pup program. This program is available online at your own convenience. The first week is free. If you are wishing for in person training my foster mom is able to give you a list of highly recommended trainers as well. Please call my mom today so we can schedule a meet and greet, and you can start to fall in love with me. —Love Tomas