Say hello to Shea! You may have heard about her, she's the 3 legged lady who has had quite the year.. 

Shea came to DLRR from Maricopa County Shelter in November 2020. She was turned into the shelter with two of her puppies who quickly got adopted. Shea was left to the mercy of a rescue to save her, since she could not be adopted out to the public due to her injury. She was thought to have a broken leg, but it turns out she had an old injury from likely getting hit by a car. Her femur neck/head bone was smashed and causing a great deal of pain and discomfort.  Shea spent a few weeks recovering from a nasty upper respiratory infection and then was scheduled for her FHO surgery. Shea's surgery went well and she didn't complain. After a few months into recovery, Shea started to show signs of discomfort again. FHO surgeries never guarantee 100% recovery, but they are a great first option and many dogs do well after surgery. Shea was seen for an exam by the surgeon and they recommended amputation. While in surgery, the surgeon noticed lots of scar tissue and arthritis, which contributed to Shea's pain post FHO surgery. Shea did not complain after amputation or about anything she has been through. She is recovering well. Her next journey is to find her forever, perfect home.

Some things Shea is going to need to live her best life:

Love – Shea will love you back more than you could imagine. She is the ultimate companion!
Pets – Don't stop petting her!
Time – Shea will need time to get comfortable in her new home.
Sunny Patio – Shea loves to sun bathe and help her humans in the garden.
Bones – Lots of them.

Some things Shea does not like (ha!):

Leashes – Shea has had a hard time adjusting to being leashed. She takes some time to coax into walking on leash and sort of zig zags. 
Walks – Shea is not the best walking or hiking partner. Shea does need exercise like every dog, but she also loves running around the back yard, chasing balls and playing. These are great forms of exercise for this special lady. 
Shea will be cautious on certain tile floors. She tends to slip on her fosters floor, but has done well with no fear on other homes flooring!

Shea is thought to be between the age 2-5. Her teeth are pearly white!  75 lbs., she is house broken, eats all of her kibble and will remind you it's time to eat! She sleeps comfortably on her bed(s) all night. She loves toys and bones, and is very treat motivated. Shea loves everyone she meets, including kids. Shea has lived with a wild 4 year old kid since November 2020. She has done well with her foster's two dogs. She has not tried to get on any of her foster's furniture. She is not on any pain medicine and is hopping around on her back leg just fine! She will run the backyard like a normal pup and bark at anything she deems necesarry. She does not try to bolt or escape and can be trusted alone in the house.  Shea is a special lady who deserves the best forever home, could that be you?