Shay is a sweet, laid-back older lady. She is an 11 years old pure-bred chocolate lab and weighs 94 lbs. Her muzzle is frosted, but her coat remains a beautiful chocolate color. She is doing her best to lose some unwanted weight to keep her healthy and moving. Her history with children is unknown. 

She is currently living with 2 beagles and gets along very well with both of them. They all hang out together in the kitchen. She loves to be where the action is in the kitchen and patiently waits for her food to be ready. She eats quickly but respects the other dogs' spaces while they finish eating She also likes to sit close to the kitchen table while the humans are eating but has never begged for food. Now that she is feeling more at home with her foster family she has attempted a few counter surfing expeditions….one foiled and one successful. There was also one attempted coup of the garbage can, also unsuccessful. 

Shay is looking for a home to call her own.  She is experiencing some separation anxiety but settles down quickly when her foster mom returns home. She loves to be close to people and wants nothing more than to have her head scratched or belly rubbed.  She is very well behaved and seldom barks. She has learned to tell time and will make sure that you never forget feeding time.