Hi there! My name is Bo. I’m a 7-year-old, yellow boy with the energy of a 3-year-old. Who said you need to get old?! This past year has been difficult for all of us in many ways. You see my human dad sadly passed away in 2020 and I was too much for mom to handle so I came back to DLRR. I was originally rescued by DLRR in 2015 after I was found as a stray in New Mexico. That’s why my official name is Samuel (2) but I go by Bo.

I'm sweet and playful! Just a happy guy who loves to be around my people. When I get excited, I bounce on my front paws like Tigger and I’m all wiggles. I love hoses and sprinklers and the pool, but I’ll only get in when you let me. I love to play tug-o-war or fetch and sometimes keep-away and chase me!

I can startle easily with noises so a slow introduction to those things is important. I also have some challenges being separated from my people, so I’ll need your help to work on that. I’m not destructive but if I’m anxious and nervous I just can’t help myself. I've also been known to have some sensitivity with my feet so go slow in that area. I may smile and then let out a warning growl. Young kids wouldn't know any better so best I'm not around them. I think I'd like to have all your attention, so please let me be an only dog. I’ve been around cats and I find them very interesting and curious. Slow introductions to a cat would be best. I’m not fond of the doggie door or crate so if I need to use those, I will need a lot of slow practice and encouragement.

I’m on meds for allergies and my thyroid but I take them easily with my food. I also have a bit of trouble getting up and down as my back end is a little weak. They say old age stuff, but like I said, I'm not old! I'll get that strengthened with swimming, walking and good joint supplements.

If you are looking for a sweet, active golden boy with just a little baggage let’s meet up and see if we have a connection. Bo is my name and FUN is my game.