My name is Remi and I’m ready to settle into my forever home and learn all about you and what it's like to live with you!  I’m almost 2 years old but still maintain my silly and goofy personality!  I'm a male black (mostly) Lab mix weighing in at about 50 lbs. I have the most amazing playful personality.  I definitely am the life of the party and really want another canine or two in the house to show how to have fun!  My foster mom bought me 10 stuffed animal friends Day 1.  I’ve made each one of them my very best friend to keep me company when she’s at work/school, which is 3 or 4 days a week.  I'd rather she be home with me, so we decided to let me go to a home where there's more going on every day!   I would love it if you worked from home so I can lay on the floor beside you like I do her when she’s in her office! I also really love her cat.  We are working on getting to know each other but she doesn’t fully trust me yet….that’s where they get the name ‘scaredy-cat’ I think!  I just have to keep showing her that I respect her and her space and I know she’ll come around!  I’ve been with DLRR since March when my owner fell on hard times and couldn’t keep me. I admit I was an out-of-control pup at first, but I’ve been through formal training, and I’ve learned solid behavior skills. I still have some fear responses to new people and new situations, but my adopter will get 5 free lessons to learn how to work with me so that I’ll continue to improve. I need a big enough backyard to take my stuffies outside and play with them, and my foster mom will tell you how much I love playing in the water!  I haven’t learned to swim yet, but the water hose is all I really need!  I’m housebroken and crate trained.   At night, I sleep either on my special blankie or in my kennel at her bedside and she said I could take my blankie with me to remember her!  I don’t bark or get up at night.  Once the lights are out, I’m out too.  I would love to go on hikes and long walks with you and even accompany you if you’re a runner. I’m young and energetic so lots of exercise is just up my alley. I’d like to meet you if you like what you’ve learned about me.  I’m such a happy and loving pup!  I’ll know right away if you and your home are where I want to be.  I wish I had somebody to teach me tricks because I’m lightening fast and catch balls and toys mid-air.  It just comes naturally to me!   So reach out to my foster mom so we can set a time to meet up!