Meet Poppy (8), a six month old black lab mix. She is a ball of energy and loves to play. She enjoys her squeaky toys along with catching balls outside. She is very smart and has learned several commands including sit, stay, lay down, eat, down and kennel.  

She is house trained and rarely has any accidents inside. She will sit by the door, ring the bell or whimper when she's ready to go out. She enjoys walks and can walk on leash, but she still needs practice. She sits before she eats and waits for the command. She loves ice cubes, and you can find her playing with them as well. Human snacks that she enjoys includes carrots, apples, green beans, broccoli, bananas, and strawberries.  She's also a huge fan of socks. You better keep yours off the floor or they may start disappearing. 

 She has not entered the pool yet – but if you have one it may be a great way to help her release some of her puppy energy. She sleeps in her kennel at night and will nap on her dog bed during the day while someone is home. Poppy – as with most 6 month old puppies, is the prime age for some puppy training and will need a strong leader. She has been around children, and believes they are her best friend to play with. Not a bad thing – but her new siblings will also need to be able to help with her training in order to give poppy the best life. She was very receptive to a trainer and with some consistency from the whole family, will become a wonderful addition. She is VERY treat motivated – so training will be that much easier.

 If interested in meeting Poppy please text her foster, leaving your full name and stating you are interested in Poppy.