Meet Peyton, a 1 year old male, black Labbie mix weighing 56 pounds. Although he is a bit thin for his medium stature, we are working on buffing him up. He needs to better fit into that tuxedo he dons with his white chest. Although no amount of words can describe his specialness, I will try! He brings to a lucky adopter, the best of all worlds; youth, playfulness, trainability, “Best in Personality” awardee, sweetness and cuteness. You see, Peyton came to the DLRR family after being picked up by an animal control officer as a stray. He was quite timid and unsure of what his life had handed him. Within a very short time, he overcame his timidity as he learned with confidence that his DLRR “peeps” were safe, loving and caring. After he settled in, his personality really began to shine.

As his foster advocate, I have witnessed this unsure pup rebound and become more confident and playful; moreover, I have seen him learn to really love his peeps and their time shared together. His mantra has become “I aim to please my humans”. He is good with dogs and children. He is non-reactive with dogs, even those that are loud and reactive themselves. He is curious about their behavior suggested by the way he stares when other dogs bark at him.  Although I would not describe him as having a high prey drive, I am unsure how he will be with cats. He is a quick study. In a few short days, he has learned to “come” and “sit” on command. He is learning to walk much better on a leash with the use of a K-9 transitional lead. He is treat motivated so training him so far has been remarkably quick and easy; it helps that he aims to please his peeps, right? Peyton’s excitability means that at times he jumps and is mouthy. Those are behaviors that tend to occur as soon as he sees his humans and anticipates being loved, petted and walked. When he manifests those behaviors, he is easily corrected with a firm voice and those “magical” treats, which I will add, he takes very gently.

Peyton will continue to blossom in a home with strong leaders who will help him build on his growing confidence. Because he is still young and has the energy commensurate with his age, he would excel in an active family. If you would like to be the lucky adopter of this amazing and deserving boy, please text his advocate.  [♥️]  

Check out his video too!