Sweet Miss Petunia, a 5 month old, black Lab mix, had a rough start to her life. She and her littermates were found living under a trailer in Yuma.  But, DLRR took them all in and they are now on the road to MUCH better lives!  Petunia was understandably fearful after being left like that, so DLRR provided her with specialized training to help her be the best dog she can be.  The training was amazing!  Once, she was fearful of all people, but now she usually lets strangers pet her– she is learning that people provide good things!  She has done wonderfully in her foster home, showing affection to both the female and male adults in the home as well as the resident dog.  She wants desperately to play with the resident dog, and is appropriate about asking for play, but alas, the resident is old and doesn’t appreciate puppy energy.  A playful dog in Petunia’s new home would be great for her!  Petunia loves playing ball–she is excellent at it, catching it with 4-paws-off-the-ground leaps, or running lickity split after it!  She will be trying out for the Diamondbacks soon!  She heels on a leash beautifully and loves her twice daily walks.  We think she’d love to be a jogging or hiking partner.  She is happy in her crate at night and when her fosters leave the house.  Like most puppies, Petunia sees anything left on the floor as a chew toy, but she is great at exchanging whatever no-no item she has for a more appropriate bone or a stuffed animal, and she is teaching her fosters to be neater housekeepers.  LOL.  Petunia’s trainer will provide 5 lessons at no cost to her adopters!  She is an adorable, fun, energetic, playful, sweet puppy who deserves a home with patient adopters where she can continue to blossom.  If you have room in your heart and home for a puppy, please call to set up a meeting!

See Petunia in action here on YouTube: