Ollie is a happy, healthy and athletic 10 month old neutered male who loves to play games and be with his people.  He excels at Catch the Treat, Chasing Tail and Tug of War.  He likes to retrieve but is still working on the drop component. Everywhere he goes, Ollie incites smiles and compliments on his stunning good looks and leash walking skills.  His foster mom knows this is a work in progress as Ollie is an exuberant puppy and still learning.  He is already proving to be an awesome walking companion and loves a sunset hike or a short jog too!  Ollie was recently introduced to swimming when he followed a dog into the pool.  He figured it out just fine but needs some practice here:)

Ollie knows basic commands (Sit, Down, Off, Place and Stay) and is working with his foster family to follow them.  He is housebroken, comfortable in his crate and rides like a champ in the car.  He stays off furniture and doesn't counter surf although he is a bit of an opportunist and likes to carry things around.  After exercise and play, Ollie settles nicely and will relax sometimes stretched out on his back, snoring quietly.  He really enjoys his pets and will lean in for neck scratches, groaning a little so that you know you have the right spot.

Because of his size and exuberant play style, Ollie would do best in a home with older children able and willing to participate in his training or a resident dog welcoming of his energy that will show him the ropes. He really likes other dogs and hasn't had much opportunity to play with them in his young life.  Consistency and leadership will be important for Ollie to become the best dog that he can be. 

If you are seeking an entertaining companion for your active outdoor adventures and can provide Ollie with guidance and direction, this sweet pup might be the perfect match.  Contact his foster for more information.