Olivia is a beautiful gentle 5-month-old black female pup that is looking for her forever family. Olivia is well behaved and only wants to please. She loves attention and gives gentle kisses and likes to cuddle. She is easily redirected when doing normal puppy behavior, like chewing and counter surfing. She has not had accidents when given ample opportunities to go outside. She walks well on a leash for her age but will need continued training. This sweet girl is timid at first but opens up easily once trust is earned. Olivia loves her foster siblings, dogs and teenage children. She cries when separated from them and cries in her crate at night. Olivia has not had the opportunity to see if she likes cats but with her gentle nature and proper introduction I think she would do well.  Olivia has not shown any interest in the swimming pool but loves to chase the water from the hose and she enjoyed her first bath. She doesn't like to be alone and will require time to bond with her new family and learn how to be more independent. Olivia is part of our foster-to-adopt program which means she will need to be spayed before the final adoption takes place, but in the meantime, Olivia can go home with you and begin her journey as part of your family. Please text foster if interested with the name on your adoption application.