Olaf, is a 3 year old, 121 lb BIG BIG BOY.  He is a white/yellow male Lab/German Shepherd mix and arrived at our home in the second week of July. Olaf was turned in to DLRR by a family that included 3 young kids along with their Mom and Dad who were all in tears saying their goodbyes.  As a result of allergies by one of the household members, Olaf was kept in an air conditioned garage in a pen with virtually no socialization.


Olaf had no issues meeting our 2 DLRR Lab alums and has since had lots of fun romping around with them in our backyard on a daily basis.  His prior family reported that he enjoyed swimming. We don’t know how he would be with cats.  Olaf sleeps, uncrated, all night next to the bed and does not get up on furniture. He has had no accidents in the house and has learned how to use the doggie door and roams free in the house when no one is home.


Olaf is a very sweet boy but has some puppy-like tendencies occasionally and is and will be a work-in-progress. He has been caught counter-surfing and when bored he has nibbled on some old bedding. Olaf enjoys a variety of Nylabones to gnaw on in addition to playing with tennis balls.    

Olaf is easily excitable and barks LOUDLY and ferociously upon greeting people and sometimes jumping up on them. He is intimidating at first, both by size and bark, but then calms and warms to humans.


When folks, including family, friend and DLRR volunteers come in to the house we apply the no eye contact, no touch, no talk rule for the first 5-10 minutes or so until Olaf calms down.  Olaf then turns in to such a mush that he just wants all the love and attention he can get and really he deserves it!

Olaf is very strong and not leashed trained.  He will need consistent training on manners on becoming an appropriate inside dog. He has no known medical conditions except that he is terribly overweight and has been on a diet and therefore his adoptive family will need to commit to his continued weight loss in addition to daily exercise that may include walking, hiking, swimming and all of the fun outdoor activity possible.  At the end of the day, Olaf is a gentle giant that needs a loving and secure place to call home forever.

If you may be good fit for this handsome boy and have the time and energy in to consistent training and exercise, please text his foster.