Milly is a petite, 45-pound 8-year-old female mix whose owner recently became disabled by a stroke and can no longer care for Milly and her brother, Marley.  Milly is all one looks for in a doggie companion.  Milly is friendly to humans and other dogs.  She is completely housebroken, walks well on leash, rides well in the car, and barks only to alert her humans.  She is completely trustworthy in the home.  Contrary to what one would expect of an 8-year-old dog, she has a nice level of energy and enjoys chasing after a frisbee and playing with dog toys, especially chew toys.  Milly occasionally "talks" to the humans in the foster home, walking up to them and uttering a single quiet "woof" when she wants attention.  When humans ask her a question, her head tilts back and forth in interest if not comprehension.  Milly takes treats so gently your hand will barely feel a whisker.  Milly has a wonderful bond with her brother, Marley.  Despite their great size difference, they are good companions for each other, but both love and crave human attention.  They are great companions for each other when the humans are not around and fantastic companions for the humans when they are home.  Of course, everyone has at least one bad habit–Milly does occasionally jump on humans who allow it, and does occasionally lift her paws to the counter (which is as high as they will go) to investigate the kitchen.  Milly and Marley are looking for a kind person or family to enjoy life.  If you think your lifestyle could be a match and you could be a good home for Milly and Marley, please contact her foster mom.