Max is a 6-year-old handsome, loveable, playful, fun boy who is housebroken, kennel trained and loves walks. This sweet boy loves his people, but sadly his upbringing created him to guard or claim things he deems as valuable. This may be food, treats, toys or his bowl. Instinctually he is protective of these “things” and he has bitten when he perceives a threat of them being removed from him. He will only go to a home that clearly understands his triggers and are prepared to work with them appropriately.

Max has been shuffled around too much and really needs a stable home where they understand and respect his behaviors but also can avoid situations that will provoke his actions. He can have high energy, lack of manners and a confident/bossy way about him. He does well on leash with the appropriate collar/leash and is responsive to correction and discipline. He is dog selective and would need to be slowly integrated with other dogs. While he gets along at first with other dogs, because of his high energy, lack of manners or confident/bossy behavior, it can result in an altercation. Max must have a strong leader and guide to teach him how to respect. He is willing and able to learn and be a great companion. He will come with training sessions to enable his adopter to help Max be the best he can be.

Max is a fun, entertaining boy with a ton of potential to be an amazing companion.  If you think you may be a match for Max, reach out to his contact to learn more.