Max is an amazing boy who is handsome and loveable. He's been overlooked for some bad behaviors, however he has been in boot camp for the past three months learning better manners, and he has been a great learner. Max is responsive to correction and discipline which is needed for this confident and dominant boy. Max is 5 years old and weighs 76 pounds. He is neutered and housebroken. He is kennel trained and walks well on the appropriate collar and leash. He has displayed food guarding, but his trainer has been hand feeding him each meal so that he knows the hand is a good thing and where the food comes from. He's done great. Max knows many commands and will be most successful in a home that consistently reinforces these commands. He enjoys being outdoors and would benefit most with an owner who will commit to the continued training, discipline expectations and rigorous exercise needed to satisfy his energy. Max is a fun , entertaining companion with a ton of potential. If you are a confident pack leader and you are ready to work with Max, call to schedule to meet him. He promises to be your best buddy.