Hi!  I am Maverick. If you are looking for a low maintenance guy that does not need a lot of training then look no further!  My foster mom says I am just about perfect.  I am a loyal loving 6-year-old black lab mix who wants to be at your side yet mature enough not to invade your space.  My owner could not spend enough time with me so he asked DLRR to help me find a great home.  

Some things you should know about me:

  • Walks – yes please!  I will walk by your side and will not pull even when something like a bunny piques my curiosity
  • Let’s play catch – you throw and I will retrieve (don’t worry I am not relentless and know when enough is enough)
  • I like sniffing and exploring in the yard and laying in the sun.  I am not interested in the pool.
  • Good night – I like to sleep on the floor in your room and get a good night of rest.  My fosters tell me I snore but it does not keep them up – they think it is kind of cute.
  • I am trustworthy and don’t get into trouble when you leave me home. 
  • Car rides –let’s go for a spin!  I enjoy the car and ride well.
  • I love baths!  I need to have one with special shampoo periodically to keep my allergies at bay so I hope you don’t mind helping me out with this.
  • Pets, affection and hanging out with you – YES, YES and YES!  I love it when you pet me and I will give you kisses and nuzzles.  I am a great companion and enjoy just being near you.   

I am a big boy but I am a sweet, gentle and mellow boy who is looking for my furever home.