Luke, aka Chocolate Chip, is still looking for his forever home!  He’s a 62 lb, almost 2 year old goofy, loving, fun dog who is still a puppy at heart.  Luke rides well in a car, never has had an accident in the house (but he’s a gold medalist in the Marking Outside event), is great in his crate when his fosters leave the house, sleeps well through the night, LOVES playing with other dogs and loves swimming.  He has had professional training and knows lots of commands.  He has also won a Gold Medal in the Smart Dog category—he loves learning and is quick to pick up new things, especially if there are treats involved.  He enjoys tossing his toys around and leaping after them—he can actually play fetch with himself!  Luke provides lots of amusement and laughs for his fosters with his antics.  He loves affection and is very loyal to his peeps.  Cats and young children are not good matches for Luke—too much prey drive and too much energy.  He can be difficult out on walks when he sees other dogs, other people, birds or bunnies, so playing with another dog, playing fetch at home and swimming are the best ways for Luke to get exercise and that's why another dog and a pool are high on his list of Must Haves.  Luke is still a work in progress and we know he will continue to learn, so he comes with five free lessons with his trainer!  Please call to set up a get together!

See Luke in his new video!