Her name is Lola, she is a good girl…now that you have that song stuck in your head, let me tell you a little about our adorable sweet girl.  Lola is a 4 month old black lab mix.  She is slow to warm up to people but once she does, she is a total love bug.  Like most puppies her age, she needs to be watched closely to prevent mischief and accidents in the house (we’ve had a handful).  Lola is still getting used to this big world around her and will need training and someone that is committed to teaching her proper behavior.  The good news is Lola is a fast learner and food motivated, so training should go well.  She has already learned sit and down, her leash manners have improved on the K-9 transitional leash, she is getting better about jumping and takes treats gently. She sleeps all night in her crate and stays in it with no fuss when we leave- in fact she will even go in it for a snooze during the day all on her own.  Lola loves to be outside and help prune plants in the yard and to chase anything and everything- leaves, birds, butterflies, bunnies so cats are probably not ideal for her.  A playmate would be fun but isn’t a must.  Since Lola startles easily and is still mouthy and jumps, older kids are best.  She is relatively calm for a puppy her age and her cuteness is off the charts!  If you think Lola is the puppy for you please text me so we can set up a meeting.