This handsome chocolate boy is a must meet! Koda Cakes is a 1 ½ year old, AKC purebred who lives for fun! Koda loves splashing around in his baby pool and can't get enough of the water hose. With summer on the way, he would love to get his feet wet with swimming lessons in your pool. 

Koda is in weekly Educare classes with Sam Kabbel at Pet Behavior Solutions and has made lots of dog friends there. He is learning great things to be the best big boy and we recommend an at-home session with Sam to help his new family with the transition to his forever home. He knows sit, stay, shake, shake other side, high five and lay down. He also knows off and leave it. Koda is very treat motivated which is a helpful way to redirect him.

Koda is high-energy and does well with other dogs who are patient and confident. Young children may not be the best for him as he doesn’t know his own strength. To him, it’s always playtime and at 75lbs he can be a rambunctious pup.

A large yard is a must for this boy who can really put on a show of zoomies. Koda knows how to use a pet door. He loves lots of belly rubs, kisses and cuddles. Playing fetch and tug of water daily would be a dream come true for this smart, active boy. He loves his weekly Run Buddy visits where he sprints on a treadmill for 30 minutes straight. If you've got time and space in your heart and home for Koda, he promises to be a loving companion!