Joey (9) is a somewhat timid, but loving, 9-year-old neutered male black Lab mix who loves leaning against his people more than anything else. He regularly approaches to seek reassurance and request affection. Noises and quick movements startle him. Although he is thought to be 9 years old, outdoors Joey has the curiosity, energy and endurance of a middle-aged dog ready for a long walk or hike a couple of times a day. He has a history of scaling 6 foot block walls and therefore is not a dog that you will be able to allow or leave in your backyard unsupervised; at least initially Joey will need to be on leash whenever outdoors. Joey is learning how to walk well on leash with an Easy Walk harness and, since he weighs 77.5 pounds, it will be important to continue that training. Joey enjoys meeting people during his walks. When he sees other dogs while walking, he can be mildly reactive, especially if the other dog is growling or barking, but as he has learned from experience that we will keep him safe, this behavior has subsided and we have been able to redirect his attention back to us and move on. He will need ongoing and consistent guidance in this area.

Joey thrives with a routine. He is fed at the same times each day and goes out for walks at set times. Back in the house after his exercise, Joey settles on a comfy dog bed. So far he has not shown much interest in toys or dog chews. Although he has not been crate trained, he is not destructive. I believe Joey would be happiest in a home with no other animals. After about two weeks of keeping both dogs separated or on leash in the house, Joey learned to trust and tolerate our large super senior dog. However, if you are looking for a playmate or buddy for your resident dog, this is not the dog for you. Joey has lived successfully with children, but due to his somewhat timid nature, I believe Joey would be happiest in a calm household with no children or with dog-savvy children who have been taught to interact with a dog respectfully and to give space when the dog seeks it.

If you are looking for a large, loyal, loving companion and believe your home and lifestyle are the right fit for Joey’s needs, please give me a call and leave a message with your name and telephone number (as they appear on your adoption application).