Hi, I’m Jet!  I’m a 15 month old, 60 lb., black Lab mix who is loving and loyal!  I'm a lot of fun to have around the house.  I crave attention and love to give licks, but I can chill out on the floor when the humans are busy.  I follow commands like sit, lay down, off, and out, but I'd love to take some training classes with my adopter–at my young age, I'm very teachable and I love learning new things!   After my initial excitement about going for a walk wears off, I am good at staying right by my foster mom’s side during our walks.  She says I’m the best walking foster dog she's ever had.  I get very excited when we pass other dogs but I must say I'm learning to refocus quickly.  I get hot quite fast (you would too if you wore a black fur coat), so lengthy hikes in the heat just aren’t my jam–maybe in the winter?  I sleep on the tile or dog bed in the living room, but sometimes I go into my crate on my own to nap.  I REALLY like water!   My human foster brothers, ages 9 and 10, like to spray me with the hose and I run and chase the water in the backyard for exercise.  I think a pool would be a blast to help me burn off some energy.  My foster family lets me roam in the main living space when they are gone because I don’t destroy the home or things in it. I love the freedom to move around and be able to go in and out the doggy door. I like tennis balls to play fetch and stuffed toys to carry around and make squeak.  I get a little nervous sometimes when people come in the door, but I get over it quickly.  Overall I'm a GOOD DOG who is looking to be your one and only pet!!  If you think you can love me as much I will love you, please send my mom a text message and she’ll get back to you A.S.A.P.