I am FALKOR and I was named after the Luck Dragon from the Neverending Story. I come to you to help you complete your life conquests! Ahem, ok, maybe I need your help for me to complete my life conquests.

I’m a 6-year-old yellow male and weigh about 84 lbs. Since coming into DLRR in October 2022 I’ve been working with a trainer named Emily and she has helped me so much, and I need a family that will continue to help me be the best family dog ever. You see, I have some quirks and anxiety. I was crated or outside ALL DAY in my former home and that was not good for a growing kid like me. When I’m anxious I will bark at everything, the wind, the rain, car doors, and I’ll pace, pace, pace, non-stop. I get a bit nervous when anything is different or when I experience something new. I do admit Emily is exposing me to a lot of things, and I’m doing much better. I do still need reminders to stop pacing and settle sometimes. That’s where I need a confident handler who can settle me down and reassure me that all is well.

This Falkor boy is obedience trained and I know all basic commands. Emily will train you how to best work with me for success for all of us. I’m pretty much perfect. You may need some work!

I have lived with kids and did well with them. I love women, especially. I’m a bit more hesitant around men. I enjoy canine company and love to play with them too. Cats, they are curious to me, and I may chase them.

I am allergic to chicken so food and treats with that in it is off limits for me. Otherwise, I have these horrible gas pains and I will lick my paws non-stop.

And one last thing, I have entropion. Sounds exotic and fun, right?! Well not so much. My eyelid grows inward so causes goopy-ness that needs to be cleared out every day. Your help is appreciated with this as I have trouble clearing my eyes on my own every morning.

If you want a loving “dragon” with a little quirkiness, I’m your boy. Call my contact so we can meet up and see if we have that life-long bond to help each other complete our life conquests.