Duke is a handsome, yellow 3 year old male, and he’s as sweet as they come. Weighing in at 70 lbs., he is food motivated and loves cheese treats, which he takes gently. Duke is fairly calm and well-behaved inside, although occasionally he places his paws up on the counters or windowsills in search of a better view or some tasty treat. He has not yet shown interest in toys including chew toys. In his foster home, he was trusted off leash in the house but could be a door-dasher when the door was opened. Duke is fond of belly rubs and likes to lean on human friends. He is social and wants to be in the company of people and/or other dogs, and likely would not do well being alone for long periods of time. He enjoyed the company of the two resident female dogs in the foster home. Initially, he can be cautious with new people, but makes friends quickly once he gets to know them. Being in a crate or small room causes him anxiety. He rides well in a vehicle. Duke loves his daily walks, but needs some work on leash manners.

Duke has an overbite that sometimes results in dry kibble falling back out before it can be swallowed. A mixture of softened kibble and canned dog food creates a consistency that he can more easily swallow. Another result of the overbite is that his tongue hangs out a lot, making every day Tongue Out Tuesday for this special dog! Duke’s former family included young children with whom he was reported to do well, although he was kept outside most of the time. We don’t know if he likes swimming. He is on medication for Valley Fever but it is not severe, but does need to stay on it for now until he receives an all clear from the vet. Duke would be a loving companion and a forever friend to whoever is looking to add a beautiful Lab to their home!

Duke walks well with a transitional leash: https://youtu.be/8VZ2g0S0bus

Duke walks on the golf cart path: https://youtu.be/1Z3vY5QxEYs