Meet Daisy. This shy, timid girl will turn 2 years old in March 2024. She weighs about 50 pounds. Upon meeting her she will bark ferociously and avoid you. Daisy needs to greet you on her terms and at her own pace once she feels comfortable. As you get to know this beautiful yellow girl, you will see her playful side. She will follow you everywhere and give you tender kisses.

She gets along with other dogs and would like a confident furry friend to help her adjust to her world of apprehension. Daisy is still puppyish and may be pushy and rough with another dog, but she takes corrections well. She needs a playmate who will be kind yet will put her in her place when needed. Daisy also does well with cats.

Daisy has been in board and train and has come a long way with her fearfulness however it will always be a work in progress. Meeting new people, movements, changes, noises will all send her in flight to escape. She knows all her commands so it will be important to follow through with these. Daisy is crate trained and very food and toy motivated. She walks well on leash, but if she gets spooked by a sound or sudden movement, she will take off running so a strong handler is a must. Her trainer, Emily, will work with you to set all up for success.

A home that is quiet and provides lots of time for new and calm exposure to things would be ideal as she continues to build on her confidence. Daisy needs an adopter who is patient, loving and kind. She also needs a big, safe yard to run around. You see, she opens up and is totally free chasing balls and exploring her yard.

If you think you can meet Daisy’s needs, she will be your loyal and loving companion all the days of her life.