Chelsea is a 1-year-old AKC purebred, 87 lb black Lab purchased from a breeder. She is absolutely gorgeous! Her owner purchased her at 8 weeks old and being a senior citizen, she didn’t anticipate how big and energetic Chelsea would get. Sadly, she had little socialization with people or other dogs as she was growing up. Walks got too challenging so were halted. Chelsea stayed inside with her aging owner, isolated and not experiencing life like most pups need to do.

She came into DLRR where she has been with a trainer for three weeks, overcoming her fearfulness. She had general fear and anxiety of everything. She was terrified of every noise and movement in her new surroundings. She is now mastering crate training. She’s learning manners and boundaries and how to deal with her anxiety. She has some continued work to do on leash training. Chelsea is a quick learner and coming along well now. She still has some nervousness, but with time and more exposure and reassurance, she will relax even more. And of course, it’s all a work in progress for Chelsea.

As Chelsea shows her personality more and more, we see she’s very silly and affectionate. She is friendly to all people she meets. She loves to play and retrieve anything you throw. She loves her tug toys. She is a total puppy that loves attention and play! She can be pushy and needs to continue to be taught proper manners and boundaries as she explores the world. She is learning about other dogs with curiosity but hesitance. She is learning to play with them without being afraid.

Chelsea will come with a training session with her trainer. If you think you and your home would be a good fit for Chelsea as she continues to explore the world, reach out to her contact.