Hey!  It’s Charlie!  Remember me?  I have been around DLRR for a while and my foster and I can’t figure out why.  I’m starting to get a complex.  I hope you will read my bio and find out how awesome I am.  I am a 6 year old, 70 lb. black lab mix with adorable (they tell me) white front paws.  I know I don’t look as much like a Lab as some of the other DLRR dogs, but isn’t personality more important than looks?  I definitely have a Lab personality!   My foster mom calls me a "turn key dog" because I am ready to be a great member of any (cat-free) household without much effort.  My awesome attributes include that I am gentle and friendly, am totally housebroken, I'm great with other dogs of all kinds, I do not counter surf, I don’t get into anything that isn’t a dog toy, and I don’t get on the furniture!  I met some kids at a meet and greet and they seemed to be ok.  I know “sit,” am great on my daily walks with the K-9 Lifeline Transitional Leash and I love to play with a ball.  I have mastered the doggy door – no problem!  Biting at the hose water was a blast during my bath, so I might like to swim-I just haven’t been given the chance yet.  I sleep quietly through the night on a doggy bed next to my foster mom’s bed.  In fact, I like to be wherever my foster mom is and love relaxing on the floor next to her.  My foster mom works full- time, and I am a perfect gentleman while she's gone.  So what’s not to like about me?!  Please swipe right and let’s make a date!