Call me Cat or Cat-Dog or Kitty Cat (LOL) but my name is Catalina, and I’m a 2 year old chocolate lab mix.  I’m a beautiful soul who has lived a short, challenging life, and I’m as sweet as they come.  I bring lots of vitality to my foster home, but I harbor a bit of anxiety.  Each day as I understand what is expected of me, I become more confident.  I’m very smart and learn quickly.  I adore being petted, give free kisses and love to have a toy in my mouth.  My foster brother and I play every morning.  I love to run and explore outside and would love a sibling who would play with me.  I’m housebroken, and I take treats nicely.  I’m learning leash skills and don’t pull.  I would be a great hiking/running partner.  I enjoy spending time in my crate. It is my calm spot.   My “love” energy will be a plus to my adopting family.  I can’t wait to settle into my forever home soon, so my life can be safe and full of fun and love.  Please contact my foster ASAP.