Teddy(5) &  Bori(1)

This bonded pair have been a pleasure to have in the house.

Their needs are as follows – pets – food – pets – water – brushing – floor – pets – sleep

Bori – 9 year old, 100 lb. female Yellow Lab is a bit more playful than Teddy, but don’t worry, she will annoy him until he wrestles with her. Bori even took my cat a tennis ball to see if she would play with her. Very friendly and nice of her to want to share.

Teddy – 10 year old, approximately 60-65 lb. male Golden Retriever –  is the attention getter – if you are brushing Bori – or paying attention to her, He will nuzzle his way in between you to make sure you don’t forget he is there.  He sits so still while you brush him – which being a Golden – he needs daily.

They have been great with kids – 2 months to 23 years – at the house and my multiple cats. They enjoy walks as well. The first ¼ mile they are in the lead – the rest of the walk, they will keep close to you and by the end… Bori is willing to go “home” to any house that you walk by just for it to end already. LOL

Bori definitely needs to continue working on some weight loss, and I’m sure as that continues, her playfulness may become more obvious. She has shown interest in a tennis ball and will chase it in the house.

They ride well in the car and hopped right in the open door and laid down. Both have been crated – and may still require it for long times alone, as they are a bit nosey. We have not left them alone for long periods – so unsure on their reaction to that.

If you are looking for a perfect pair of floor friends – these are your two! Even if you were thinking just one… they lay close enough together, they could be one!