Hi!  My name is Bentley, and I’m one big chunk of LOVE!!  But good news, I am losing weight!  I’ve lost 10 lbs in the two weeks I’ve been at the “spa”, (also known as my foster family). So how am I doing it, you ask??  They have me on a great program here of two walks a day, and (urghh), no people food except my cooked carrots which I LOVE on my dry kibble.  I am on some special dry food the Vet prescribed which makes it easier for me to lose weight.  My personal best walking so far is 2.5 miles in one walk!  And I feel great!  I have alot more energy and am a very happy guy.

I am 8 years old and LOVE my daily walks and LOVE car rides and LOVE everyone that I meet.  I have excellent manners, know “sit” and “come”, walk gently on the leash and am a perfect gentlemen in the house unattended.

I like to follow my foster dad around the house and snuggle with him on the couch.  I also try to get into the car with him when he leaves.  My foster mom thinks I got a little chunky by perhaps riding around with my previous owner and going to drive throughs for hamburgers! (Boy, does that sound good right now….)

I am a gentle guy, just enjoy laying around relaxing, taking lots of naps and being wherever you are.  I do love other dogs and get excited to see them and would like one to play with me.  I’m sure I’d love the attention of your children, but they CANNOT feed me anything because of my very strict diet!   I need a family who will promise to keep me on my successful weight loss program.

I am very mobile once the leash comes out!  You probably wouldn’t ever guess I’m a jogger!  Also, I know the sound of any food package being opened in the kitchen and will come running!  And I could probably figure out how to operate your microwave if you need me to fix myself a snack.  Ah,…but those days are gone….and I’ve turned over a new leaf.  Now just waiting for a new furever home!

Love, Bentley