Benji here, today I went to this thing called an adoption event. It was pretty cool, I got lots of pets and treats, I met new people and dogs. I am a super sweet 6-year-old black boy who wants to be in my furever home soon!.  I weigh about 50 lbs. I was adopted in 2016 to a family when I was 6 months old and sadly my family had to return me recently to DLRR due to life changes beyond their control.  I'm a  sensitive guy who approaches new situations cautiously and can be easily startled. I don't like those Razor 4 wheeler things, the sound scares me. I have worked with a professional trainer to build up my confidence through learning commands and getting exposed to many new experiences and people.  I am doing great!  Once I  know you, my cute personality emerges in the form of puppy zoomies and eagerness to please. I love walks and am pretty easy on the leash. I can get excited when I see other dogs or rabbits. I would love a doggie playmate who has good confidence, but I'd be perfectly happy, too, with only humans in my house. I'm a playful, friendly boy with the perfect energy.  Everyone who meets me just loves me. I can't wait to get into my furever home. I am good with older children. I like the dog park, I get along with the other dogs but don't play too much.

If you want to get lots of love from me and feel you have the right home, reach out to my foster dad to schedule a meeting!

I'm happy to hang out on my bed which I know as 'place' or in my crate with the door open. I settle down quickly in the house and am completely trustworthy. I get along great with my foster brother who looks just like me! We play chase in the backyard.