Meet Wesley, a three-year-old chocolate Lab who is almost completely blind and still adjusting to his condition. He was purchased from a breeder as a puppy, and as he grew, his legs were shorter than a typical Lab.

Wesley also developed cataracts and lost most of his vision before the age of three. He was surrendered to Yavapai Humane Society shelter because of a concern that his blindness would be challenging around the family’s young children. With limited resources to care for Wesley’s condition, the shelter decided to find a rescue to help him. A DLRR volunteer just happened to be in the building and met Wesley. It was fate!

DLRR had our behaviorist Sam Kabbel of Pet Behavior Solutions spend time with him and despite his condition, or maybe because of it, it was determined that Wesley has a stubborn nature and a very confident demeanor. He is friendly to all humans and enjoys being petted and playing tug-o-war. Wesley is a proud, uninhibited dog who has not fully learned how to manage his blindness.

DLRR recently had him see a vet specialist who identified his condition as Osteochondrodysplasia (OCD), also known as dwarfism. This condition impacts normal growth of the bones and cartilage resulting in deformities. A DLRR volunteer took Wesley to Eye Care for Animals, and we are hopeful his cataracts can be repaired so that he has the gift of sight for Christmas. Wesley is still looking for his forever home and confident that soon he will find the perfect family.

Medical Cost to Date: $949