Wanda is a special girl who will always have my heart. I became her foster Dad soon after this nine-year-old girl was rescued by an animal protection officer and DLRR took her in. When she first arrived at my home, she was in a lot of pain and could not use her hind legs without my help. She could not even squat to potty unless I supported her legs. If that wasn’t bad enough, she had a hard, baseball-sized mass on her rear mammary gland. Yet despite all the pain she was in, Wanda was—and is—as sweet and loving as the day is long. Wanda is a true fighter. She loves taking walks. I strap a harness around her body to hold her up when her legs start giving out. Walking exhausts her, but she loves it anyway. And how can I deny her that joy? The mass was removed recently. It was not cancerous, yet she still struggles with arthritis and spine problems, which are managed with pain medication and joint supplements. She will always be a special needs dog, yet every day of her life is also a miracle. It’s a chance for her to wake and experience some small pleasure, which she never takes for granted. She has taught me so much! She is a welcome, sweet soul to my life, and I find it a privilege to know her.

UPDATE: Wanda was adopted by her family in October.

Medical Costs: $4,770