What I love about Simon is the way he follows me around, always wondering what I’m doing or where I am. He is such a lover! Simon was found wandering the streets of Mexico—hungry, sick, frightened, and alone. If it wasn’t for a good Samaritan who found him, fed him, and asked DLRR to save him, he might not be alive today. He was suffering from Valley Fever, which is a fungal infection that affects the lungs. Without treatment, Valley Fever can cause fever, diarrhea, lameness, and even death. In Simon’s case, it had settled in his chest and bones, causing terrible pain.

Upon arrival in the U.S. he was rushed to a doggie hospital, where he underwent intense medical treatment. After several weeks he was moved to foster care, where he spent another eight months healing. Yet his hard-luck life in Mexico doesn’t show today. Last October, we adopted Simon and renamed him “Doug the Dog.” He is a wonderful addition to our family—a sweet, loving, beautiful boy, who enjoys camping, riding in our jeep, swimming, and playing with his doggie siblings. He even takes my nine-year old daughter to school each day!

In some ways, Doug is a magic dog whose life turned around forever with a simple act of kindness. I am so thankful that DLRR felt his life was worth saving. I cannot imagine what might have been his fate otherwise.

Medical Cost to Date: $3,953