I will never forget the day Scout was given up by his owner. Some partings are heart wrenching. I choked back tears as his dad told me about his financial problems and why he could no longer care for Scout properly. His voice shook with emotion as he handed me photographs of Scout as an eight-week old puppy, explained Scout’s current diet and medications in detail, then packed my car with Scout’s abundant belongings. It was clear how much he loved Scout. As his foster Mom, I assured him we’d find Scout a good home.

Loving Scout is easy. He has a sweet baby face and big, brown eyes that melt your heart. He looks nothing like his real age of 10 years! His personality has shined brightly from the first moment he settled into our foster home. Yet his health is a mystery. He struggles from excess weight, labored breathing, non-stop heavy panting, frequent drinking, and urinating. He is undergoing testing to find the cause for his ailments, and his medications are being adjusted along the way. Yet despite it all, he greets me at the door with a cherished toy in his mouth or a big kiss.

Scout is a delightful boy who wants nothing more than to be near his people. In the ten-weeks I’ve known him, he’s shown me his love of all humans, dogs, and cats. I made a promise to myself that I’d find Scout a new family that can love him and keep him forever, and that is what I intend to do. It’s a promise I will keep.

Medical Cost to Date: $2,337