When I first saw Sam, he was horribly obese—a staggering 130 pounds! It was painful to watch him waddle around, struggling to walk. He was 40 pounds overweight, but as sweet as could be. I don’t know much about Sam’s life before DLRR saved him. All I know is that his family raised him from a tiny puppy, but then they downsized and gave him away. After all those years, it must have broken Sam’s heart. Within a week at our foster home, Sam lost six pounds! What a difference a little exercise and diet can do! I could see his energy getting better every day, and he was able to go further and further on our walks.

Sam is a joyful dog. He relishes each day, loves to see the leash come out for his walks, and doesn’t hesitate to push other dogs out of the way to get there first. He is a great testament for how resilient dogs can be. We are so grateful to DLRR for providing him with medical care, updates for his shots, and covering the cost of Sam’s expensive diet dog food. And here’s the best news! Not long ago, Sam found his new, forever family. Although I miss him already, I know they are giving him all the love he deserves. He will never again be tossed away like an old shoe or lose everyone and everything he loves.

Medical Cost to Date: $1,045