I first met Herbie at the animal hospital. The poor guy was so thin you could count every rib in his body, along with every vertebra in his spine. He was just a bag of bones. He was suffering from Valley Fever and severe neglect. Valley Fever is a fungal infection that affects the lungs and can turn deadly if untreated. Yet despite being a very sick boy, he came into the exam room with his tail wagging, eager to meet his new foster mom — me! After a long car ride home, he found a comfortable bed and fell asleep, exhausted. It was hard to see how much this 18- month old puppy had suffered in his life. During our first days together, he hardly ate, remained wobbly on his feet, limped, and cowered if we tried to pet him. What a terrible life he must have had! Yet he soon learned that people could be gentle, loving, and kind. Herbie has a long way to go before he heals, but he is getting better every day. He has learned to trust again, enjoys romping and playing with toys, follows me everywhere I go, and even loves to cuddle! He is so grateful to DLRR for saving him! Herbie has so much love to give and is eager for the day when he’ll have a family of his own.

Medical Cost to Date: $4,227